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Improve overall attendee user experience and mitigate wireless challenges that were present in previous years. Lab deployment to support nearly 100 classrooms, including 30+ overnight room turns without interruption to network. Network deployment was simultaneous across three venues to support stakeholders such as exhibitors, press, production, and internal event staff. Ensure network environment will support implementation of ServiceWatch, ServiceNow’s premier network monitoring tool. Develop tools to foster increased integration with ServiceNow, venue and vendors, including support procedures and metrics surrounding key wired/wireless data.


Expected Attendee Network Usage




Early integration with client, venue and event management team to discuss challenges from prior years and goals for Knowledge ‘17.  Work closely with venue to ensure bandwidth allocation and equipment will support event initiatives. SUT to manage and deploy extensive (managed device) wired room deployment in classroom environment within condensed  move-in window.



  • Detailed  site surveys, including evaluation network architecture and equipment

  • Development of detailed escalation and risk mitigation procedures

  • Weekly communications with event management, ServiceNow teams, and in house network service providers

  • Pre onsite fabrication of network cables fitted per room dimensions in order to quickly deploy and provide an aesthetically pleasing installation

  • Managed (switch) environment throughout all labs

  • Extended conference network across all venues for mission critical functions

  • Wireless AP mapping, including additional equipment to support attendee wireless experience

  • Key network usage reporting



  • Peaked above 2 Gbps on wired and wireless interfaces

  • Over 19,000 unique users

  • Over 10,000 concurrent users

  • 649 access points; averaged 29 devices per access point

  • “Content” SSID: PreCon & BYOD (Classroom) Network

  • 100% (109B, 110B) wired room utilization: 48%

  • 50% wired room utilization: 71%

  • 1100+ client count

ServiceNow Knowledge

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