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Case Study


Adobe MAX

High-density wireless, high-bandwidth workloads

Adobe and SUT have been working together since 2016 to raise the attendee experience at Adobe’s flagship conference, Adobe MAX. SUT successfully architected, engineered, planned and executed a high-density wireless deployment for MAX’s keynote general session for over 8,000 concurrent clients. Creating a seamless user experience allowing for the Adobe suite of cloud-based products to be utilized real-time in a convention center environment.

In 2017, we successfully deployed the full network needed for Adobe Max at the Sands-Venetian which included the colocation of all core components such as routers, firewalls, and distributions switches. In addition, the edge deployment consisted of the temporary installation of over 150 wireless access points installed on theatrical truss with highly directional antennas creating the best small cell high-density wireless environment possible as well as full hard-wired networks deployed for Adobe’s labs across all meeting room locations conference wide.

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