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Designed, deployed, and managed the comprehensive global network services for the NBA House in Rio De Janeiro. The NBA house was a featured hospitality space of the USA Basketball Team at the Rio Olympics. SUT also provided network connectivity to the NBA Olympic team’s lodging on a 516’ cruise ship, the Silver Sea from a single network operations center located onshore. The space featured 32,000 sq. ft. of events including an immersive user experience for NBA content on multiple screens, telepresence (video conferences with athletes and fans), interactions via digital platforms, video game competitions. All of the various event initiatives were supported by the SUT deployed and managed networks.


Expected Attendee Network Usage




Leverage SUT’s comprehensive network services to create a unique user experience in a challenging temporary environment including: lack of network infrastructure, language barriers, and electrical power delays and outages. SUT devised pre-onsite logistics and operational plans. We had procedures to rapidly remediate the various unforeseen network challenges.



  • Four pre-onsite inspections were conducted by our network team who surveyed infrastructure and devised the network deployment strategy

  • Coordinated and managed three separate internet circuits for full redundancy

  • Utilized real-time 24-hour network monitoring and reporting to ensure a seamless user experience



  • NBA was voted the #1 hospitality experience at the Rio Olympics.

  • Fantastic user experience for 80,000+ NBA players and fans in a connected global network environment.

  • Unprecedented custom built network experience on a luxury offshore cruise ship housing NBA players, coaching staff, Cisco Execs, and Media Outlets.

NBA House Rio

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