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Deploy a specialized wireless network utilizing 802.11ac enhanced protocols and a dedicated managed switch solution to support Google’s marketing objectives with new products and services in a historical 110 year-old hotel with challenging infrastructure and unique engineering requirements.


Expected Attendee Network Usage




Leverage and augment existing fiber backbone to deploy SUT core, edge and wireless network solution. Engineer a specific wireless network comprised of 80 MHz channels to support the needs of Google next generation hardware.  



  • Took over the complete network architecture in order to design and deploy a broad coverage network at the hotel venue.

  • Implemented a fully redundant network solution inclusive of multiple ISPs and core elements. 

  • SUT was given full access to venue along with an onsite representative which aided in our facilitation, installation, and management of all networking services.



  • All network services were provisioned on site from our dedicated temporary network operation center which allowed for a centralized management of network hardware, reporting and monitoring.

  • SUT’s control and onsite management made it possible to rapidly remediate any network issues while make changes and additions without any delays or additional costs.

  • Successfully implemented an amazing attendee experience for over 2400 unique users within an extremely compartmentalized venue. 

  • Managed venue costs and exceed client expectations by staying within budget.

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