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Dreamforce is marked by CEO Marc Benioff's signature opening and closing keynotes. As one of today’s fastest-growing companies, Salesforce sought to display the impact of their cloud based solutions to a live audience of over 18,000 attendees in addition to another 100,000 online viewers, with the goal to preserve the intimacy of a one-on-one conversation. Straight Up Technologies was awarded the business to design a fortified network that would support the demonstration of real-time collaboration tools, integrating enterprise applications with the latest consumer technology.



The multitude of live on-stage demonstrations (10 total) required a network design to support mission-critical data with minimal latency, including built-in reliability and speed, in order to showcase Salesforce services in real time. Additionally, the state-of-the-art network would be designed with redundancy and security to contain and prevent any malicious intrusions by rogue networks, Mi-Fi devices and other non-sanctioned wireless devices.


  • SUT designed a fully redundant primary and secondary network dedicated solely to the keynote demonstrations. All deployments were hot stand-by units to allow for 99.999% up-time.

  • Deployment of a Cisco Suite of wireless offerings, which included a combination of software, Spectrum Analyzer and hardware. This solution was built to identify and remediate any inconsistencies within the keynote demonstration network.

  • A secure network was deployed to prevent any unauthorized intrusions (wireless networks were isolated and blacklisted to heighten security).


  • The network successfully supported 10 live on-stage demonstrations and there were no latency issues.

  • No interference from the numerous peripheral networks within the wi-fi environment.

  • Salesforce has awarded SUT an exclusive partnership to manage and deploy networks for all of their executive level demonstrations worldwide.


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