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Determine potential cost savings for the client in a very expensive market. Develop and design a plan to offer a seamless attendee experience across three venues with various pricing structures and various makes/models of hardware.



Leverage current network service capabilities at each venue and augment where necessary to reduce cost. Design a network where compatible hardware would need to be deployed and/or replaced while operating at or under the clients estimated budget.  



  • Site inspections were made at three venues to examine and test existing infrastructure.

  • It was determined that both hotels could not meet the expectations of a Google conference network, while discovery at the convention center showcased upgraded Cisco hardware that could handle the demands needed.

  • SUT took over the complete infrastructure to design and deploy a network at the hotels which matched the convention center inventory.

  • SUT leveraged bandwidth from the convention center at a reduced cost and via single mode fiber, extended the conference network to unify all three locations.

  • SUT was given full access to two hotels along with an escort that facilitated the installation of all networking gear.



  • All three venues were controlled from one location at the convention center which allowed for a centralized management of network hardware, reporting and monitoring.

  • SUT had control over the two hotel properties and we were able to make changes and additions without any delays or additional costs.

  • SUT was able to manage the convention center costs more effectively, thereby cutting down the final billing and staying within budget.

  • SUT was able to mirror the convention center hardware and configuration, attendees experienced a seamless network environment.

Google Engage

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