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Video Collaboration Solutions

SUT Video take video collaborations to the next level provides a private, flexible, and robust video conference solution that includes SUT's "white glove" concierge service. These services include "real-time" engineering support to get your users online, provide any necessary hardware devices and setup, network (at home too) tests, and a help desk for any troubleshooting needed along the way.














SUT Video Conferencing Advantages:

  • Secure - Independent, privately-hosted and encrypted server keeps content secure unlike most other video solutions


  • Reliable - No latency, no bandwidth constraints or "bottlenecking"

  • Supported - Engineers and AV techs can remotely assist clients in real time with pretesting, live video assistance, and solutions on the fly

  • Broadcast Quality - Capable of live distribution or recorded for digital distribution

       Recording Capabilities - Up to 50 virtual sessions can be recorded daily

  • Audio Visual/Graphics Overlay Capabilities - Recorded sessions can be quickly edited and automated for final distribution

  • Intuitive Interface - SUT VC developers have automated features within application for speakers to share easily

  • Flexible - Multiple integration environments

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