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Design and execute a temporary high-density wireless network deployment to support 12K+ of attendees in addition to event staff, production team and live mobile demonstrations. Determine and actively implement network policy to manage high bandwidth resources in the keynote and expo to allow uninterrupted access to R+F specific content. 


Expected Attendee Network Usage

12,000+ attendees per day



Early integration at concept stage with client, venue and event management team to discuss challenges from prior years and goals for each R+F convention and year over year growth.  Work closely with the venue to ensure bandwidth allocation and equipment will support event initiatives. SUT to manage and deploy network core, backbone, distribution, and access layers. 



  • Using Ekahau software to design a predictive heat map of wireless coverage of estimated attendee usage

  • Design a customized access point and infrastructure plan (power, copper, and fiber cabling) utilizing aerial mounted lighting truss and ground deployment

  • Detailed wireless onsite surveys, including evaluation network architecture and equipment

  • Development of detailed escalation and risk mitigation procedures

  • Managed (switch) environment throughout all the venues

  • Weekly communications with event management, R+F teams, and in house network service providers to achieve dynamic network requirements

  • On-site fabrication of custom single-mode fiber optics cables to support a redundant 10G network backbone

  • Leverage live reporting software and perform real-time tuning of the wireless environment to drive attendee interaction with conference mobile app and social media

  • Implementation of a high-end HTTP caching server, to locally cache game downloads, updates, and OS updates in order to manage and contain ISP link usage

  • Real-time network alerts for all on-site services via mobile apps, email and SMS

  • Daily and end of show network usage reporting with event management and R+F teams.



  • Peaked above 7 Gbps on the primary internet link

  • 11.36 TB of data downloaded in 3 days

  • 10.31 TB of data uploaded in 3 days

  • 32.48 TB of data served by the local cache server (saved bandwidth)

  • Over 7,000 unique clients per day over 3 days on Wi-Fi

Sample Heat Map

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Rodan + Fields

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